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SegaSonic Girls Club!

SegaSonic Girls Club Banner by Toni-the-Mink

Hey everybody, I'm Toni-the-Mink and I am the new head admin of :iconsegasonicgirlsclub:

I've made a few slight changes to the rules... Most of them are the same.


:heart: Make sure the submission goes into the correct folder. If you aren't sure, you can either ask on the front page, or use your best judgement. I'll move it for you, or simply direct you where it should go. However, if you're going to be lazy and submit everything to the featured folder, I WILL start denying them. See the folder system below for more info.

:heart: The art or story MUST HAVE any of the Sonic girls as the main focus. Boys are allowed, but they must be of equal or less focus.

:heart: Absolutely NOTHING stolen, recolored, or traced! No screenshots, no furry-doll makers and no bases.

:heart: No perverted stuff, oversized breasts (or focus on them) is just going to get one big no from the group. So please, keep submissions nice.

As for fancharacters...... I myself have always been an avid supporter of them, so therefore, the "No Fancharacters Allowed" rule is being taken out, but remember, PLEASE abide to the rules, or you lot will lose your fancharacter privileges.

Any other questions, feel free to ask me :D

Gallery Folders

Tiara Boobowski
Sticks the Badger
Shara the Ring Genie
Wendy Witchcart
Other SegaSonic Girls
Non-SegaSonic Girls
Place Here If You Are Unsure Where to Put Yo
Bulletin Board
Archie Fleetway SatAM AoStH Underground
Sonic X girls
Sonic Boom girls





1/18/2016 - I've been simply denying submissions because they're not in the correct folder, because I am tired of having to explain over and over where what goes and why.

PLEASE read below what submissions go where.

GROUP pics are reserved for more than one girl.

If you have a group pic with mostly males and only ONE girl (say Amy with Sonic, Shadow, and Silver) it goes under the correct girl's folder (i.e. Amy Rose)

See below for more information.

And when in doubt, you ARE allowed to put under the "Unsure" folder....

Because there is some confusion with the whole "Non-SegaSonic Girls" folders, and to give more variety, I have made new folders for non-SegaSonic Girls:

-Sonic X girls: Basically a female character that appeared in the anime "Sonic X" (i.e Molly, Cosmo, Ella, etc. )

-Sonic Boom Girls: A girl (other than Sticks and Perci, who have their own folders) that appeared in the Sonic Boom show, but not the Sonic Boom games (i.e. Zooey, the Walrus woman)

-Cartoons, comics: Girls who appeared in SatAM, AoStH, Sonic Underground, Archie, and Fleetway (i.e. Sally, Sonia, Tekno, Mina, etc.)

I am moving everything from the "Non-SegaSonic Girls" to the correct folder in the meantime.

And as always, if you aren't sure, put it in the "I'm Not Sure" folder, and i will move it for you.

Everyone seems to be confused when it comes to the Groups folder......  I am getting countless submissions for Groups that involve only ONE girl along with 1 or more guys...

I know it's confusing, especially with my zany rules.....  but because this club focuses on the FEMALE characters of the Sonic franchise, please keep this rule in mind.....


For example.....

If you want to submit a picture of Sonic and Amy, put it under the "AMY" folder, because Amy is the only girl.

If you want to submit a picture of Rouge the Bat with Knuckles and Shadow, and another male character, put it under the "ROUGE" folder because ROUGE if the only girl in the pic, so she gets the focus.

If you want to submit a picture of Blaze, Cream, Silver, and Marine, put it in the "GROUPS" folder because there are more than one SegaSonic girls in the pic.

If you want to submit a pic of Sally, Mina, and Bunnie, put it under "NON-SEGASONIC GIRLS" because although it is a group pic, they're not "official" SegaSonic girls.  They're Archie girls, thus NON-SegaSonic.

If you want to submit a pic of Julie-Su, Sonia, and Tikal, THEN you may put it under "GROUPS" because the group pic involves a SegaSonic girl (Tikal)

If you want to submit a pic of two of your (FEMALE!) fancharacters, put it under "FANCHARACTERS"

If you want to submit a pic of two of your (FEMALE!) fancharacters and AMY is in the pic as well, THEN you may put it in "GROUPS"

I if you're still confused and unsure where to put your deviation, you are always welcomed to just put it in the "UNSURE" folder, and I will be happy to move it for you.

You can always ask me on the front page (or on this journal0 as well.


Thanks for putting up with my shenanigans, everybody!    Now let's all work together to make this group awesome! :D

All the galleries and now up and running.  You are free to post any girl anywhere...  Just make sure you're putting your art in the right folder....

Apparently, I have strange policies when it comes to submitting to folders, so here's a guideline to make it as less confusing as possible.....


Solo Girl Galleries

What goes in a gallery with a featured female Sonic character....

-Solo pic of the girl

-Pic of a girl with another male Sonic character (I.e. Amy with Sonic goes under "Amy Rose"; Cream with Cheese, Silver, Tails, and Shadow goes under "Cream the Rabbit" and NOT "Groups" because she is the ONLY girl in the pic)

Remember: Forget the guy; Focus on the GIRL(s) in the picture, and use that to determine where the art should go!

Not all SegaSonic girls have their own galleries, however.....   Only those with five or more pics.   Otherwise, if she does not have a gallery, then she goes under "Other SegaSonic Girls"

What does NOT go into these galleries....

-Group pics involving more than one girl, be it SegaSonic, Non-SegaSonic, or Fancharacter.  They MUST go under "Groups"  

-The only exception is when it's a crossover pic (i.e. Amy with Princess Bubblegum from "Adventure Time" goes under "Crossover" and NOT "Groups".    

-As stated above, if it's a group involving almsot all boys and only one girl, then it MUST go into the proper girl's gallery. (i.e. Sonic and Silver fighting over Blaze, who is trying to stop them....  that pic must be submitted under "Blaze the Cat" and NOT "Groups".

-Fan Comics.    No matter the number of the girls, if it's a pic depicting story-telling, it MUST go to "Fancomics" instead.

Other SegaSonic Girls Gallery

What goes in this gallery.....

-A SegaSonic girl WITHOUT her own gallery (i.e. Elise, Shade, Wave, etc.)

-Same rules apply above.

What does NOT go into this gallery........


-Non-SegaSonic girls (i.e. Sally, Mina, Cosmo...  they belong in "Non-SegaSonic Girls")

Non-SegaSonic Girls

What goes in this gallery....

-A female Sonic character who isn't officially from the games.

-A group pic that involves more than one non-SegaSonic girl, and does NOT have a SegaSonic girl in the picture (i.e. a picture of Sally, Bunnie, and Mina go here, instead of in "Groups"


What goes in this gallery

-Solo fancharacters (female only)

-Group pics of fancharacters only (DO NOT SUBMIT THEM TO "GROUPS"

Group Gallery

What goes in the Group Gallery.....

-Pic of two or more SegaSonic girls

-Pic of two or more SegaSonic girls with non-SegaSonic, and/or a female Fancharacter

What goes NOT go into the Group Gallery.....

-Group pic that does NOT involve a SegaSonic girl (i.e. If the art is a group pic of Sally, Amy, and Bunnie, then it can go under "Groups".   But if it's a pic of Sally, Bunnie, and Mina, then it goes under "Non-SegaSonic Girls"   The same rules apply to fancharacters.  

-Pic of a group of characters with only ONE girl.   If there is only one girl in the group, then it goes into the girl's gallery.

-Fan comics.   No matter how many girls are in the picture, if it is depicting a story, then it must go under "Fan Comics"

-A pic with a girl (or more than one) with another girl from another series.  If it involves Princess Peach or Princess Bubblegum, it goes under "Crossovers"



-A pic of a SegaSonic Girl with a girl from another serie (i.e Adventure time, Super Mario bros.)


-A pic of a girl from the Sonic series with a boy from another series.  It goes under the proper girl's folder.

-Group pics.  If she's from another series, it AUTOMATICALLY goes in "Crossovers"

-Solo pics of girls fromanother series.  This groupis supposed to be for SONIC girls...

I hope you have a fair idea on what goes well....  I know it doesnt make much sense, but you are ALWAYS free to ask me.   Or if you're submitting and you're not sure, please use your best judgement.   I won't be like most admins and go "WRONG FOLDER!  DENIED! :mad:"    If you truly use your best judgement, I will simply move it for you and politely direct you to the correct folder for next time. :)

If, however, you get lazy and submit everything to "Amy Rose" (as that is the default first folder that pops up), then I WILL deny your pic and ask you submit it to the right folder. :(


Let's make use of this, shall we?    I will only allow a Club Banner and future Contest Winners to be placed here.....

......  what's that?  We don't have a banner OR contest winners?    

Well, let's rectify that, shall we? :D


Design a Club Banner!!

Official SegaSonic Girls only, please!  Other than that, it can feature whoever you'd like, and as many as you'd like.

DEADLINE:  March 22nd

Good Luck! :wave:

Your Friendly Administrator,

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