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Due to a bit of a debate about the club rules, I'm removing the Archie girls folder.

Because this group is about the SEGA GAME girls.

Thank you for your time~

Edit: Yes I am considering removing the Sonic X Folder considering there is only a rare few Sonic X Girls that aren't already Sega Sonic Games girls.
:shrug: See what happens.
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pita-tenten Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Personally, I think you should just allow all the Sonic girls. :) Including Sonic X. Maybe it will inspire Sega to add old characters into the games. X3
WendyAtticus Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012
I would, but just as the previous owners enforced, I am enforcing a no sexual pics rule. And 3/4 of the sexy chars submitted here were Archie characters.
The other 1/4 is Older Amy, Cream and sometimes Rouge. :XD: Because older instantly means huge boobs apparently.
pita-tenten Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmm... Well you could make a rule that they have to have smaller boobs. :3
WendyAtticus Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012
I tried, but the archie fans were trying to convince me that I was being biased just because of their breast size (because in the comics it varies depending on the artist)
MightyRay Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry for butting in, please forgive me, but rather than just take the folder away and punish those who do not sexualise the archie cast to the nth degree, why not make a rule clearly stating that the anatomy must be correct E.G. SEGA sonic proportions for all the girls and those who act like twats about it kick them out?

Just my two cents.
WendyAtticus Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012
That is kind of what I was trying to enforce :XD: But they just went straight to the biased crap. That I was singling out and practically bullying people for their chest size. :shrug: Meh. It happens. But on the upside of the folder removal it was one step closer to being what the name of the club is.
MightyRay Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Then boot them out. No exceptions.

Send the message that you don't tolerate poor anatomy and hyper-sexualisation of your and others childhood heroines.

Just state the rule loud and clear for everyone to read. If they can't handle it, I'll happily tell them to GTFO.

You are aware that the Archie cast belongs to SEGA thus technically SEGAsonic.
pita-tenten Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:/ That's stupid. Archie fans, don't be prideful!! :O It's all about amazing art! <3
Kingofturves Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2011
Seems sensible enough.
Although technically, Sally & Bunny had cameo roles in the bonus stages of Sonic Spinball. Whether this makes them Sega girls is another matter entirely as Sonic Spinball is a Spin-off! game based on the SATAM cartoon series.
Obviously Mina, Julie-su and the like are Archie only and therefore since they haven't appeared in any Sega clubs I guess the logic seems to follow.
WendyAtticus Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2011
But those designs are so different to the ones everyone uses now that it's not entirely them anymore so they wouldn't be acceptable. It did seem more like those "Cameos" were based more on the creatures rescued in every Sonic game than anything else. And I don't think it used names or descriptions in the book either...
Kingofturves Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2011
Interesting line of thinking,
I would of gone with the fact that the Spinball game is a spin-off based around the cartoon and therefore deviates from what is strichtly Sega.
They are Satam characters created by the script writer of the cartoon series to fill in the gaps when the only sega characters about were Sonic, Tails, Robotnik (and Amy in Sonic CD).
Therefore they are Satam Cameos appearing in a Sonic Game under the Sega license, aren't Sega characters because Sega doesn't view the Satam characters as part of its intellectual property.
WendyAtticus Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2011
That too~ People don't like to count was seems to them as a "spin-off" in some of the games (like Amy's speed or strength in... any game. XD)
Yeah, they weren't so much created by SEGA as more accurately stolen. I've had it with people trying to justify the freedom fighters as part of SEGA Sonics team by the fact they were stolen from the critters rescued from containers. It's just not cool.
Kingofturves Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011
I think stolen is a bit of a strong accusation to make and an unfair one.
The various cartoon series and the Archie comics were all produced under license of Sega. Both Sega America and Sega of Europe have different takes on the Sonic franchise. In both of these franchises which I'll focus in on Archie's Sonic in Sega America and Fleetways' Sonic the Comic in Sega of Europe, characters where created from what source material was given to them by Sonic Team including the 'Sonic bible' which had an early background, origin story and gave instructions on Sonics appearance.
Both Archie and Fleetway went on to devlop their own take on the Sonic franchise, both had to create addition characters to support the main characters. All of which are mainly based off of the animals that sonic rescued.
To say that these were stolen, I find strange. They were created under license for the purposes of creating stories in comics.
The comics also include some notions that are entirely absent from SEGA's Sonic namely;
1)The existence of mobius in one form or another, apparently the world is based off of a misquote from an interview with the game designers of Sonic 2. They were referring to the use of corkscrews in Emerald Hill.
However both Archie and Fleetway used the world to create a world in which the Sonic characters' exist.
2) The notion of the idea of the freedom fighters. The idea of Sonic forming or being part of a group of freedom fighters designed to overthrow a dictator like Dr. Robotnik. Where as the comics use this idea of freedom and the struggle against authority and tyrany as a theme for the comics, I can not find this in any of the Sonic games.

As far as I can determine Sega's view is Sonic lives on earth and has a good fun time hanging round with friends until Eggman a loveable mad scientist turns up and has a scheme for world domination that sonic has to thwart because he is the hero.

In terms of background and character devlopment Sonic teams approach to these is very shallow and inconsistant from game to game. It probably has to be inorder for the company to 'keep cool' by re-designing Sonic for every game.
Sega isn't interested in between game continuity or any continuity for that matter.
They are uninterested in character background or their physical attributes.
They are interested in image and marketting. The use of Sonic as a brand to sell products.
So I find it no suprise that a characters' key attribites such as Amy's speed, strength, age, personality can be inconsistant and contradictory between or even within a game, because at the end of the day these things do not matter to game devlopers. Even though Sonic is supposed to be the faster thing alive, it would make for a very good multiplayer game if the person who played as Sonic won every time simply because Sonic was naturally faster.

Now if you're going to remove all pictures relating to SATAM and Archie girls then I afraid you going to also have to remove all pictures relating to Fleetway charcters. [link]
If you're going to be consistant. Or for that matter characters from the cartoon Sonic Underground. [link]

If you wish to exclude SATAM & Archie by all means but at the moment you have other submissions in the group that needed to be removed if you wish to exclude certain groups.
Otherwise, it's discrimination.

As a personal note I do accept Archie, Fleetway & Sonic underground as being part of Sonic universe. I am a fan of Sally Acorn, Bunny Rabote, Teckno the Canary and all the other characters created by the various franchises.
And no they are not stolen.
WendyAtticus Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2011
lol, I wasn't looking for a debate. If my mind is set on something you're kind of just wasting time trying to change it.
If I think the SatAM chars are lame rip offs, that's what I think and that's that.

The Archie comics steal all sorts of ideas, characters and concepts. To say they stole a character from SEGA themselves is not far fetched but actually likely. Although that might not happen anymore, as they are more focused on stealing stuff without copyright - like memes.
It's true, you can look it up on how many unannounced "homages" they make without paying out the official owners of the material they use.

Just because they needed an extended cast does not justify stealing =P I won't make a shitty recolor just to flesh out Amy, Tails or Knuckles.

Fleetway is in consideration. Seeing as a number of Fleetway references and such has actually leaked into the games of SEGA Sonic. Although I haven't got the time right now to list what those are, I'll be sure to get back to you on that.

Too much of the SatAM/Archie chars are drawn in a slutty manner, and if you haven't noticed we don't accept that :P
To solve the issue the folder was removed.
Kingofturves Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2011
Damm, sorry Wendy I've been a bit busy with work,training hard to join the Royal Navy, having to pass various tests and such and had an incident involving domestic abuse between to housemates inwhich I had to intervene (2 flatmates Girl and her boyfriend, boyfriend was being violent towards her) had to call the police and the chap was later arrested. Things have quietened down now Shes' alright and getting on with her life and the chap has moved back to his parents' place.

I wasn't expecting you to change your mind you obviously have some deep resentment issues towards certain characters within the wider sonic franchise.
I would never expect to change a fanatics' opinion, once ones' colours are set they are hard to change. The only person who can change your mind is yourself and no-one else.
There is nothing wronging with exchanging opinions and debating them. If you never challenge, never question, then you can not move forwards or devlopment as a human being.
If we as a species never asked questions such as how, what, where, when and why? We would never get to where we are today.
Questions and challenging opinions is the basis of pluralism and democracy. Refusing or ignoring questions leads down the path of authoritianism and dictorship.

It's a shame you can't accept the wider sonic franchise and embrace it, all of it in its entirety, still if you are accepting Fleetway pictures, then I guess you'll be excepting Sally pictures, since Sally Acorn was present in a few of the earlier issues ' of Fleetways' Sonic the Comic
WendyAtticus Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2011
:XD: I just don't like the over sex-tool making of the females from the "wider Sonic franchise". Half of the art submitted here (and declined) is females from the Archie Comics with boobs so big they'd break a real woman's back.
:\ I wouldn't say fanatic.
:XD: I don't think anything to do with the sonic franchise could lead me to "develop as a human being". It's fandom, it's everywhere with everything. I'm running a group that is supposed to be based only on the video game girls. It's not going to improve me as a human being to drop the rules and go "OKAY, SUBMIT YOUR SMUT HERE BECAUSE I WANT TO BE MORE OPEN MINDED AND BECOME A BETTER DOORMATPERSON."
I always ask lots of questions and etc etc. But being as I am a human being of my own mind and body etc etc, I also make decisions by myself. I make decisions that I know people won't be okay with, but I HAVE to do that.

That's a different "Sally Acorn".
For heavens sake, she's yellow. :\ Please stop being a tool and insisting on how I have to run this group. I get if you're just trying to be nice and get a point across; but you're coming off as really rude and you're insinuating I'm a small minded person that doesn't do anything outside of the box.
I'm just running a group. A group where I decide the standards of art.
Thank you.
LightDemonCodeH Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011  Student General Artist
I really want them to bring Sally, Bunnie and Mina to the games. It'd really spice things up. Especially since Amy would have a rivalry with Sally or Sally X Shadow.
Or Sally X Sonic.
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